About Us

The Calzaturificio F.lli Pratesi is (and has always been) a family-run, handmade manufacturing business that was set up in 1857 in a village that lies in the heart of Tuscany.
We produce shoes and other leather items (under the name Pelletterie del Borgo, which is part of our brand) with creativity and a fancy twist, yet always keeping an eye on comfort and quality.
Entering our stores, you will be struck by the scent of hide and leather: our knowledge of these materials goes back a long time, and we process them with passion and mastery.
Italian flair, attention to detail, supreme leather, and bright shades – distinctive trait of hand-brushed and hand-coloured shoes: thanks to these characteristics, the outstanding quality of our creations is recognized both in Italy and abroad.
This is what has led us to open more stores, and we chose to locate them in some of the most fascinating spots not only of our beloved Tuscany but of the whole Italy.
Check the list of our stores here: https://www.shoes-pratesi.it/negozi
Over the last years, with the new generation of our family we started a website with an online shop too, so that we are always available for our loyal customers and in order to reach new ones.
Today, we look forward to the future as we continuously reinvent ourselves, yet always staying true to our heritage of traditional handicraft made in the Italian way.